IT Support

IT Support

You’re probably overwhelmed with service development and marketing. But there’s a stricter business aspect than that along the way, and your IT infrastructure is one.

Some might handle the process themselves. But others might hire an expert. Which is better? Hiring a qualified specialist is always a wiser idea. ICT Asyst offers IT support services for small or large businesses throughout Melbourne.


Whether you’re attempting to cut back costs or maximize your budget, our solution is budget-friendly. Our solutions are customized, unique for the requirement. ICT Asyst asses your situation and give you a clear picture of the situation. Our systems are realistic and optimum, but scalable. We can avoid the necessity to deal with expensive training, extensive upgrades, constant equipment purchases, or even maintenance.

IT Support for Start ups

Startups and companies always have the risk to fail. The common culprit is the lack of a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Of course, all individuals want to separate their businesses from their competitors, and a USP is a key.
With the competitive market, people need to find new ways to innovate. The failure to grow can make them appeal redundant. With that, they have to focus on their USP and outsource other time-consuming tasks to an expert.
ICT Asyst is the number one specialist that can handle all your IT needs, avoid the necessity to allocate expensive resources for your in-house team maintenance, and lessen the hassle of figuring out why your technology does not work.

IT infrastructure

As an IT support Melbourne, we have years of training in solving your technology problems. So, you can focus on what matters the most and get it done better than other businesses.
Does your company not know about handling your IT infrastructure? Then, chances are your in-house IT team will make some potential security mistakes, and putting your company sensitive information in danger.
Security breaches have been common nowadays, and ICT Asyst has studied and dealt with related cases for years. Not only do our professionals know efficient ways to handle security issues, but we are also committed to protecting your startup.

IT support technicians

ICT Asyst prides ourselves on our IT support technicians. More than the expertise, they offer on-call and on-site service remote troubleshooting and fixing, giving your company the chance to minimize downtime and perform the core of your business.

As a provider of IT support Melbourne, our number one priority is to keep your systems in great condition, providing an optimal return on your technology investment and reducing reactive costs.
Our IT support technicians can also provide the highest technical skills to diagnose, address, enhance and upgrade your technology infrastructure. Whether your existing professionals are not that effective, we are a wise and outstanding alternative you can ever have today.

In the case of software technical issues, we have remote troubleshooting and fixing services for you. We make it fast and easy to protect your technology from possible risks. Our IT Support also offers a more effective method to implement solutions for application deployment, software installations, and general user support to name a few.

budget considerations

Another thing that our valued clients love about us is our budget considerations for the size of your startups. We take your specific needs into account. For those who are in search of a budget-friendly IT support service, you have come to the right place. We can handle all your information technology requirements on a budget, resulting in more significant savings in the long run. We also utilize the latest technology to support your growing business objectives and provide an assessment of your IT infrastructure. Our IT support services also include preventative monitoring and maintenance of your technology infrastructure.

Your IT always plays a big role in your employee productivity and smooth operation. But unexpected problems are inevitable. Sometimes, your technology might not function at its best, affecting on-time product delivery and revenues. Worry no more! We monitor your IT 24/7 to ascertain and fix possible risks. We also maintain your infrastructure to keep your business competitive and efficient.

What Makes our IT Support Different?

  • We’re equipped with expert professionals. There are various IT specialists online. Some are inexperienced while others are seasoned. ICT Asyst is different. We only support our clients’ information technology with an expert team.
  • Proud to use specialized tools. Another thing that makes us stand out from others is our state-of-the-art technology. We have invested our time and money on our equipment to meet the industry changing demands.
  • We have a wide range of expertise. When looking for a one-stop shop, ICT Asyst is the expert to take advantage of now. Aside from computer troubleshooting, we have cloud migration services that cater to our clients’ goals.