Cloud Migration

Why Businesses migrating to cloud based solutions?

Cloud migration has been on the rise for decades. It’s no wonder because it provides a multitude of benefits. One obvious advantage is scalability. Traditional data storage and operation can relatively affect your production and manufacturing. With cloud computing like AWS, you can scale up and down your business procedures. Whenever you need to modify your platform, this newest system provides you great flexibility.

Cost effective solution

Business systems are not really affordable for small or starting up businesses. Network hardware and servers can drain you

Instead of purchasing costly equipment, Setting up those and maintaining, Running cost (space, electricity, and network related costs) you can minimize your expenses by migrating to Office 365, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and other relevant platforms. While you can cut equipment maintenance and upgrades, you can lessen unnecessary operating costs over time.

Today startup business has the opportunity to get your IT Systems running for the fraction of the cost of having your own traditional IT Systems.

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Collaboration and team work

Migrating to the cloud can also promote collaboration efficiencies, business continuity, software update automation, disaster recovery, greater mobility, document control, internet connectivity, data security, improved IT resource management, a larger talent pool, collective IT insight, easier acquisitions, and reduced carbon footprint just to name a few.

With that, businesses have started moving their workloads to the cloud like AWS and Office365. Despite that large number in your niche, cloud migration can give you an advantage. Also, it can help you look credible, build brand awareness, achieve online presence, acquire ROI, and more.

ICT Asyst

However, migrating your business to the cloud is not as easy as you imagine. This is where ICT Asyst comes to the rescue. We deliver top-notch migration services that can exceed your requirements. Our people are flexible and seasoned, transforming the process into a convenient one.

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Nowadays, various startups and companies might migrate their workload to the cloud themselves. While it can guarantee huge savings, you might commit a costly mistake that requires extra expenses in the long run. ICT Asyst has a perfect knowledge and innovative tools, enabling us to offer quality cloud migration services at an affordable price.

Does your business demand grow? It’s good news! As your startup expands, your IT capacity for development is decreasing. Your infrastructure will be loaded with a range of applications. For you to fill the gap between your technology capacity and business demand, you have two options. First, you can free up your infrastructure. Second, take advantage of migrating your system to the cloud.

ICT Asyst provides cloud migration services in moving your business processes, applications and infrastructure to AWS, Office 365 and other options. We can also determine areas of possible opportunities and risks, improving the performance of your startup. We take great pride in our options that mitigate serious issues, invoke repeatable processes, and maximize productivity, resulting in optimal business growth.

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Some Of Our Cloud Migration Services

  • Business process and system analysis
  • Application structure and restructure
  • Cloud solution consultation
  • Platform implementation and migration
  • Hosted application customization
  • Cloud-based backup systems

Reasons To Move Into Cloud Based Systems

  • Minimize downtime and increase the accessibility
  • break geographical boundaries and gain access anywhere you want.
  • Reduce the cost of hardware, maintenance, ongoing expenses like electricity and hardware maintenance costs etc.
  • Increase the security and quality of service and gain access to regularly updating application fit to competitors.
  • To do all due diligence upfront so client expectations are met or exceeded

The migration process will involve many steps to be carried out for a smooth migration of your data and services

The initial step will be to identify the business need or the business case for the migration, once this is identified then according to the business need the company will have to decide which processes and data assets will need to be migrated to the cloud and this will involve the verifications involving Confidentiality, availability and accessibility verifications and integrity checks.
and for a smooth transition to the cloud, we as an enabler and a helper can drive the transition so that your business can be carried out with minimal impact.

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